Road Trip

“Let’s go on an adventure!”

“When are we going hiking?”

It only took four months of constantly reminding my best friend to take me on an adventure. At the end of summer on my birthday, he finally decided to take me to the place I waited for.

Dundas Peak.

Being #1 on my Summer To-Do List, it was worth the wait. Dundas Peak is part of Spencer Gorge, a Conservation Area that’s perfect for hiking. With a beautiful view completely surrounded by trees, this area also has two waterfalls, Webster’s Falls and Tews Falls, and then the peak point, the main place I wanted see.

The Preparation

The night before, we decided that he would pick me up at 10:30am the next day.

But of course that didn’t happen. You know those times where you set a specific time, but you already know it won’t happen? This was one of those times. See, the thing with him is that he is always tired and always lazy, never a morning person. But then again, neither am I. Maybe that’s why we’ve been friends for so long.img_7264-2

Instead, he texted me at 10:30am informing me that he just woke up. I got out of bed a couple minutes after. He picked me up at 12pm.

Before the drive, we filled our empty stomachs at Panera Bread by Square One. He treated me to a half Frontega Chicken Panini, a half Mediterranean Watermelon Salad and a lemonade combo, while he ordered a Roasted Turkey & Avocado BLT with tea.

We ate at the patio for almost two hours before leaving at 2pm.


The drive was a good 50-60 minutes to Dundas, close to the Hamilton area. It was hot. Without air conditioning, I felt my back sweat against the seat of his little silver Toyota Yaris. We tried to beat traffic on the highway. We failed. I guess that’s the price you pay for not leaving early enough.

But that wasn’t the only inconvenience. Of course not, there’s always more. Once we reached the area, the section that led to the parking lot was blocked so we had to drive through a bunch of other roads. After getting lost for a bit, we reached the parking lot. Thank god for Google maps!

The Destination

We finally made it! But wait, $20 for parking??! It was $10 per car and additional $5 per person… and CASH… what a scam. Definitely not worth it. Why? Because there was another parking lot that had FREE parking! We didn’t realize it until we had already started walking. Don’t make the same mistake, and go find that instead, it’s not that far away.

Nonetheless, we arrived.

First, we passed by Tews Falls. It was nice, but it was blocked off by a fence, away from reach. So we just glanced and moved on. Nothing special.

IMG_7267 (2).JPG

After that, we continued down the trail and eventually reached the peak point. The view is gorgeous. You’re at the edge of this piece of land, perched up high over the tall trees. You can sit and dangle your feet over the edge. But be careful, don’t drop anything, especially yourself. Looking out, of course it’s more trees, but there is also a railway and a bunch of houses. The view of the whole city is within your sight.

Once we took our photos, we made our way to Webster’s Falls. Here, it’s more of a hangout/picnic area with a lot more people. Benches are placed in front of these falls to relax and enjoy the scenery. We found a bench with the perfect view of the falls and sat while eating our leftover Panera Bread chips.

Websters Falls.jpg

After a couple hours of conversation, we decided to head back home, hoping to beat the traffic. We succeeded. We returned to the Square One area within 40 minutes.

With the roaring sounds of the falls and the beautiful weather, this was definitely the birthday to remember. Experience it for yourself and let me know in the comments below!

Take Something Old, and make it Something New.

Something Old: Spending birthdays at dinners/parties every year.

Something New: Enjoying nature, going on an adventure.

Rate: 10/10 ♥ 



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