Flips and Tricks

Who doesn’t love trampolines? Where you can jump around as high as you can, do some cool tricks, and practice new skills, all while hanging around with friends.

This trampoline park, Air Riderz, does the perfect job.

Working at the smaller recreational Futures Gymnastics, the trampoline at my workplace is horrible. Since the ceiling is lower, using the Olympic trampoline that allows you to bounce up to 30ft in the air would be terribly unsafe at my location. Instead, we have a trampoline that drastically limits that height.

Located across from Loyola Catholic Secondary School on 3600 Ridgeway Dr Unit 4 & 5, this place is huge. From foam pits to square trampolines and tumble tracks, slam dunk basketball and dodgeball, there’s so much to do. Not only are there trampolines, but there’s a climbing area, where there are two rock walls, and a super slide. This then becomes a workout without actually having a workout, which I love.


Since Air Riderz is close to my workplace, my coworkers and I decided to go one day. We went on a Friday after our shift, where there’s a teen (now all ages) event called ClubRIDERZ. This event allows us to have 90 minutes of jumping and climbing time from 9pm-10:30pm, and then two slices of pizza and a drink from 10:30pm -11pm. With the lights turned down, you’re surrounded with black lighting. So if you wear white or any bright colours, you’ll glow in the dark! It’s a cool effect compared to all the lights on a regular day. It was a great time to jump around and practice our tumbling passes.

We paid $22 plus tax for ClubRiderz, which is better than a regular two hours of jump. Normally, it’s $21 for two hours without the climbing, or $24 for two hours with the climbing. That’s definitely pricey… well at least for me as a student. With ClubRiderz, it’s slightly less but we also get pizza and a drink. Now, that’s definitely worth it. This way, it gives me and my coworkers enough time to try and practice our new skills, but still have fun and do the climbing stuff.

source: airriderz.com

With ClubRIDERZ, you get access to the climbing walls, so take advantage of that. Usually you would have to pay additionally for it if you wanted to jump and climb, but with this, you have unlimited access. You get strapped into a harness for safety, but just beware, they give you serious wedgies. Nonetheless, it’s still super fun. The climbing walls get more difficult the higher up you climb so if you fall, no worries, you won’t die.

Along with these prices, socks are essential for jumping around. For only $3 plus tax, these bright green socks they give you have a grip sole that prevents you from slipping and falling. Although these special socks mean more money to spend, you can keep them for the next time you come back.


Keep in mind that you’re here to be active, so be prepared to sweat. An extra change of clothes is highly recommended. I brought shorts and a t-shirt so I can sweat in those instead. Since you’re jumping around for over an hour, NOT sweating is impossible. Just jumping up and down on the spot is enough to tire you out.

The Basics

If you don’t know anything about trampolines, that’s okay! There are some tricks that super easy and quick to learn. While you’re in the air, you can do lift your legs up, touch your toes, or if you can, do a split jump.  You can attempt a seat drop, front drop, and a back drop on any trampoline there.

  1. The Seat Drop.

The seat drop is the easiest and most basic thing you can do. First, you need to have your arms by your side, hands flat, and fingers facing in front of you. Next, you want to jump and bring your legs straight out in front and basically sit on your bum, hands touching the trampoline. Once that’s easy, try doing it again and then stand back up right away.

source: brentwoodtc.org
  1. The Front Drop.

For this, you want to literally drop on your belly. You don’t want to dive forward or you’re going to flop like a fish. You can start by reaching for your toes, and then you can open up with your arms in front of you and then land on your belly. It’s literally a belly flop in the pool but landing near your feet. Plus on a trampoline, it doesn’t hurt.

source: brentwoodtc.org
  1. The Back Drop.

This one might be a little scarier. You want to have your arms in front of you with your knees slightly bent. Next, you want to tuck in your chin and drop backwards, landing on the middle part of your back. What you don’t want to do is reach with your arms behind you to catch your fall. That will hurt a lot.

source: brentwoodtc.org

With these basic skills, jumping around will be more fun than just jumping up and down. When you’re ready, you can try to combine them, play games with your friends and have fun. Make it a competition to see how many you guys can do in a row.

If you ever go, share your experience in the comments below!

Take Something Old, and make it Something New.

Something Old: Jumping on a low quality trampoline that limits your height.

Something New: Going to a trampoline park, getting the freedom to bounce high with friends.

Rate: 8/10 ♥


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