Circus Freaks

When you grow up with gymnastics your whole life, you learn to appreciate how much tolerance the body builds up and you become amazed at the possibilities of what it can do. There is one place that demonstrates all these awesome mind-blowing acts.

Cirque du Soleil.

Being a lowkey circus freak, a Cirque show is a must. The one I went to was called Luzia, a waking dream of MexicoSince the opening show on July 28th, I was determined to go and finally got tickets for the October 8th show held in a big top at the Port Lands in Toronto. With Mexican cultures integrated in this show, it portrayed a mix of acts including contortion, hand balancing, trapeze, juggling, soccer ball tricks, and so much more. Using live acoustic music and simulated rain, the overall performance left me in amazement with all the talent right before my eyes.

Before the ShowIMG_1511.JPG

There were a couple things that I wish I’d known beforehand when going to this show.
When walking in, it was really busy. You should be there early enough so you can relax and not be overwhelmed by the crowd. You can grab some food and look at the merchandise before the show. The show started at 8pm sharp and my friend and I got there 10 minutes before it started. We scurried to stand in a long line for some popcorn and scanned through the merchandise before shuffling through to find our seats in the dark a minute before the show started.

Our seats were in the middle of the very last row towards the right side of the stage. These tickets were the cheapest at $90, but still had a decent view. Everything was still visible, but we couldn’t see the fine details. I thought it would’ve been worse but it worked out well.

Don’t get caught taking pictures or videos. Yes, sadly my friend and I actually got caught recording. Technically, you’re not allowed to record or take any photos. It’s like going to the movies or a Broadway show where you’re not allowed to record anything. A lot of people do it anyway, they can’t catch everyone… except they caught us. While we sat in the middle of the row, this lady shuffled through everyone just to say “Ladies! No recording!” and then continued the rest of the way out. So beware, do not get caught or else you’ll get paranoid for the remainder of the show. The temptation was so honestly real. I wanted to take some pictures or record some videos for Snapchat, but didn’t want to get caught again. If you get caught one more time, you don’t want to know the consequences because it will definitely ruin your night.

The Intermission

Halfway through the show there is an intermission so you can take a break and look at the merchandisIMG_1520.JPGe, go to the washrooms, or grab some more food. So since we were in a rush before the show, we took a closer look at the merchandise.

The merchandise is crazy expensive
. I bought this super pricey grey sweater with black hummingbirds. It was $80, the most expensive apparel there but also the nicest and most popular. There were also other t-shirts, a black zip-up sweater and little objects like key-chains, posters, and juggling clubs. But don’t worry, they take all kinds of payments, cash, credit, and debit. After the tickets and the sweater, I was pretty much broke.


Before returning to the show, we needed a washroom break. We didn’t know where it was so we kept searching the place and finally found it outside. There’s a legit shortage of washrooms. Since the whole show takes place in a big top (a huge tent), the washrooms are outside. They’re like porta-potties… but slightly cleaner. It’s so crammed inside, there’s barely any space to move, but there were sinks on the side. The line was super long, so if you need to go, be the first to line up because it will take a while.

Best Acts of the Night

While the overall performance was great, there were a few acts that definitely stood out for me. At one point before the intermission, as everything was settling down, the live music was playing with the vocalist, Majo Cornejo, and her accompanying pianist. There was fake rain that created these delicate patterns like flowers, hearts, or at one point animals. It only lasted a few minutes but it was mesmerizing.

Aside from that, these are my top three favourites of the night:

  1. The Trapeze & the Aerial Silk

Just imagine, flying through the air doing these crazy spins, flips, and tricks. At one point, while the performers were doing their tricks, water poured down and the acrobat’s hair would flick the water around as they spun, creating a cool effect. On the ground, there were others who were spinning in Cyr wheels (a big hoop).

IMG_0078 (2).JPG

  1. The Juggler

At first this juggler started with three juggling clubs, but by the end of his act, he ended up with five. The other two fell from above and right into his hand. His clubs were shiny and silver that he spun so quickly, it blurred and looked like more than three. The best part was when he would juggle, throw one high in the air, do a back tuck and then catch the club. Juggling is already hard enough, but doing that became a new goal right there, I wish I could do that. I’m still learning how to juggle… but I’m terrible.

  1. The Contortionist.

My absolute favourite part of the night was Alexey Goloborodko, the most flexible human in the world at the moment. He is only 20 years old and yet he is so bendy. It’s like he has no spine and can literally bend over and touch his butt to his head. Isn’t that amazing??? It’s great and creepy at the same time, but by far the best thing I’ve seen before my eyes. The sombre music featured in his performance definitely added chills. He also performed on Breakfast Television. See if it amazes you.


After the show

My friend and I waited until it was mostly empty because we wanted to take some pictures. Eventually we became the last ones there. Once we finally got our chance to take pictures, we took our time and we took a lot. Then the security kicked us out. Yeah, we caused a lot of trouble at the circus. But that’s okay, it was still fun.

Honestly, going to a Cirque du Soleil show was the best experience I’ve had. Being a gymnast and seeing all this crazy stuff is unimaginable and inspiring. The training required to put on this unforgettable show was exceptional.IMG_0085 (2).JPG

If you ever get a chance to go to a cirque show, you should definitely go for it. It’s something you can’t unsee and it will give you chills. Overall a night you definitely won’t forget.

Take Something Old, and make it Something New.

Something Old: Watching circus acts online.

Something New: Attending an actual Cirque du Soleil show for the first time.

Rate: 10/10 ♥


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