Café and Games

Located a block away from Square One, a little quaint cafe is a great if you want an escape from the mall’s greasy, unhealthy food court and expensive, semi-classy restaurants. This place screams healthy with their vegan options.

The Cold Pressery.

Living so close to Square One and passing by this place on a daily basis, the curiosity I had to try their food grew. Also, most of my friends recommended me to check it out, so I had to.

At 310 Sherwoodtowne Blvd #5, this place is super convenient to access if you’re walking, bussing or driving. It’s a five minute walk, or a two minute drive/bus from Square One.

IMG_1485 (2).JPG

After a day of shopping at Square One and sick of the food court with their greasy and fatty options, my friend and I opted for some healthy food. Being fans of vegan food, we decided to stop by. With a wide variety of foods and drinks, all of it is organic and fresh.

The Menu

When first walking in, the menu is situated on the wall in a colourful and organized manner. Being a café, it’s more of a lunch place since the food is on the lighter side. The portions are small and fit for one, unlike the huge and filling ones you get at a restaurant. Here, they serve a wide selection of food, desserts, beverages and smoothies. Despite having vegan options, the prices are higher than what I’m used to. You pay about the same as you would in the food court, but for a smaller portion. Nonetheless, the food is quite enjoyable.


The service was pretty quick, probably because it was quite empty that day. I ordered the Chipotle Bean Taco and Matcha Green Tea Latte, while my friend got a Vegan Reuben.IMG_1475.JPG

Served on soft tortillas, the chickpeas had the most distinct flavour, along with the purple cabbage texture, and the kick from the chipotle sauce. The tacos came in two, so it was a quick bite to eat. It wasn’t too filling for an empty stomach, but it was satisfying. The latte was more enjoyable since it was subtly sweet with a nice matcha flavour, my preferred way.

The Vegan Reuben was cheesy from the mozzarella, slightly sour from the sauerkraut, but warm from the toast. For a decent-tasting little sandwich for $7.25, it was definitely on the pricey side. Overall not really worth it in my opinion.


Aside from the food, this café also has board games. Yes, board games. The childhood things that kept us preoccupied before technology consumed our lives. Neatly organized on a shelf in the corner laid a variety of games open to visitors. From Scrabble and Connect Four to a deck of cards and Uno, Battleship was my ultimate favourite childhood game.


My friend and I played three rounds. With four ships and the motive to sink them all, we competed to see who could survive the longest. While randomly calling out coordinates, the fate all lies in the words of “hit” or “miss” by the opponent. It’s a game of luck, but with a bit of strategy.

I won all the rounds before he quit in rage. There were times where he was in the lead, but as I caught up, he would eventually struggle to find my last ship. We both had different strategies but in the end, mine were successful.

His strategy was to find the smallest ship first. This little one only occupies two coordinates, and is the hardest to find. Once that one gets found, the rest of them should be a breeze because they’re bigger. But each time, he would start from one corner of the grid and move diagonally across, skipping every other coordinate. That failed. Going in a sequential order, over half the grid would be empty and there could be a possibility of having multiple ships residing on that side. It then became difficult to cover the area to find my remaining ships before I found his.

My strategy was to spread out and close all the big empty gaps. I would shoot randomly and hope to hit one of the ships. From there, if there was a big space between each miss, I would attempt to minimalize that area. The spaces would typically have the bigger ships that hold up to five coordinates. This way, I could cover a larger range, have a better chance to eliminate each ship, and ultimately win.

Overall, we ended up staying for almost two hours just playing Battleship. Despite considering playing other games, we eventually decided to go home. The cafe has a comforting atmosphere and a welcoming staff. On days that are fairly vacant, it’s a great way to chill around, and not be so attached to technology. If you like vegan foods and board games, check out this place and let me know what you think!

Take Something Old, and make it Something New.

Something Old: Constantly getting food at the mall.

Something New: Opting for a vegan options while unplugging from technology.

Rate: 7/10 ♥


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